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If there is a will there is a way!

When the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz are grabbing each other for the eight position in the NBA Western Conference. Kobe Bryant score 47 points for the first time this season. Proving that he is still the scoring champ and this is what Kobe must do because he is Kobe Bryant,  the man that brings championship to Los Angeles Lakers for this decade.

I am seeing the possibility that Lakers will take the eight spot with the way Kobe is praying the eight spot is for the Lakers. What we are seeing now is the real Kobe Bryant taking charge because he is the franchise player. With Kobe doing what his suppose to do the likes of Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard must also take their slot because basketball is a team sport and the man need his teammate to step up.

Kobe is back and so the lakers is back!


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Where all first happens..

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