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My First and My Last


When I was starting to step at the hanging bridge I thought this is not scary. I made my brave steps and able to walk to the hanging bridge but when I arrive at the middle of the hanging bride it is a different story. I can feel that the bridge will flip and turn all my companions upside down. That is the feeling I have when  I was in the middle of the bridge and wanted to go back to the starting point. I go on with my scary steps and was able to survive that hanging bridge.

The place is in the Philippines somewhere in Mindanao part of Manolo Fortich Bukidnon. The place is called “Kampo Juan” and they feature all about nature and adventure. When I was able to cross the bridge I was so afraid that I do not want to do it it again. But the guide told me there is no other way back to the base but to cross the bridge again. What? I have no choice but to cross again. What a day of adventure, scare, fun, laughter and fellowship.


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Where all first happens..

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